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Installing VMware tools on squeeze

The VMware Tools package adds drivers and utilities to improve the graphical performance for different guest operating systems, including mouse tracking. The package also enables some integration between the guest and host systems, including shared folders, plug-and-play devices, clock synchronisation, and cutting-and-pasting across environments.

This tutorial has been tested on Debian squeeze running on VMware ESXi 4.x but should work on all latest VMware hosts.

1. Install kernel headers and tools required to compile and install VMware tools:

apt-get install binutils cpp gcc make psmisc linux-headers-$(uname -r)

2. Mount the cdrom drive inside the guest server. Make sure you have mounted the VMware tools virtual cd from the host before moving on.

mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/

3. Extract VMware tools to the tmp directory:

tar -C /tmp -zxvf /mnt/VMwareTools-x.x.x-x.tar.gz

The filename depends on the host version.

4. We have already extracted the files to a temporary locations and the virtual disk isn’t needed anymore. Unmount the virtual cd:

umount /mnt

5. Start the installation:


Accept the defaults for every question. Make sure you’re located inside the vmware-tools-distrib folder when executing the script or the installation may fail.

VMware tools is now installed and configured. If you’re using X you may need to restart the machine or the X session to get all features working.

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