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April 2024


Installing the Hobbit monitor on lenny

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Hobbit monitors your hosts, your network services, and anything else you configure it to do via extensions. Hobbit can periodically generate requests to network services – http, ftp, smtp and so on – and record if the service is responding as expected. You can also monitor local disk utilisation, logfiles and processes through the use of agents installed on the servers.

Before you install, make sure you have Apache web server installed.

1. Install hobbit packages

apt-get install hobbit hobbit-client hobbit-plugins

2. By default hobbit only allows connections from local host. Append the IP addresses you want to allow here in all three of the Allow from[…] lines like shown here (pico /etc/apache2/conf.d/hobbit)

Allow from localhost ::1/128

In this case I have added the but you should replace it to the one on your computer

3. Create a user to access the administration section

htpasswd -c /etc/hobbit/hobbitpasswd {username}

4. Restart apache

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Now you can access the hobbit monitoring console on this location http://youservername/hobbit/ (Make sure you include the trailing slash)

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  • Kevin
    Posted on

    Kevin Kevin


    I configured it using this, It is very simple to set up and easy to access. One problem i am facing though is that when i go to enable administration, I am prompted by a user name and password. I never set this up during the install and have tried every combination i could and still no access. Any suggestions?

  • aip
    Posted on

    aip aip


    Hello Kevin

    You will have to create a htpasswd file to access the administration section: htpasswd -c /etc/hobbit/hobbitpasswd {username}