Debian Tutorials



Debian Tutorials

Step by step tutorials showing you how to install and configure various applications and services on Debian based Linux distros.


Disable root login to SSH

Allowing root logins to your SSH damon is a big security threat. If the SSH port is open, hackers will probably at some time attempt to brute force your root password. It’s a good idea to disable root logins to SSH and instead use a normal user to login and type “su -” to enter the super user shell or sudo to perform [...]

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Loading iptables rules on startup

By default iptables is setup on Debian etch but there are no rules configured. In this tutorial we’ll configure some rules and load them into iptables on startup. 1. Rules file Create a new file that will contain a shell script to insert rules into iptables (pico /etc/ and add this content as template: