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January 2021
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Installing and using the IPMI tool

Ástþór IPÁstþór IP

The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is a standardized computer system interface used by system administrators to manage a computer system and monitor its operation.

The development of this interface specification was led by Intel Corporation and is supported by more than two hundred computer systems vendors including Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and NEC Corporation.

1. Install the ipmitool which is used to send commands and receive information from the management interface.

apt-get install ipmitool

2. Use this command to send and receive information to a remote server

ipmitool -H {ip_address} -U {username} -a {ipmi_command}

You can also skip the “-a” parameter (which makes ipmitool prompt for a password everytime) and add “-P {password}” to avoid the password prompt.

Here are some examples of useful commands

Get hardware status (including hardware failures and power status)

ipmitool -H {ip_address} -U {username} -a chassis status

List all sensor values (including temperature, fan speed, voltage and more)

ipmitool -H {ip_address} -U {username} -a sensor list

Print system event log

ipmitool -H {ip_address} -U {username} -a sel list

Check if your server is on or off

ipmitool -H {ip_address} -U {username} -a chassis power status

Power off the server (soft shutdown via ACPI)

ipmitool -H {ip_address} -U {username} -a chassis power soft

Power off the server (hard)

ipmitool -H {ip_address} -U {username} -a chassis power off

Start the server

ipmitool -H {ip_address} -U {username} -a chassis power on

Restart server (hard)

ipmitool -H {ip_address} -U {username} -a chassis power reset

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  • George
    Posted on

    George George


    Why to use ipim instead of ssh?

  • Flimm
    Posted on

    Flimm Flimm


    @George: It’s independent of the installed operating, and will work even when the system is powered off or crashed with a kernel panic.