Debian Tutorials



Debian Tutorials

Step by step tutorials showing you how to install and configure various applications and services on Debian based Linux distros.

Installing PowerDNS with MySql backend

The PowerDNS Nameserver is a modern, advanced and high performance authoritative-only nameserver. It is written from scratch and conforms to all relevant DNS standards documents. Furthermore, PowerDNS interfaces with almost any database. This tutorial has been tested and is working on Debian etch and lenny 1. Install the PowerDNS server [...]

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Monitoring Varnish with Munin

Varnish is a great reverse proxy and very useful for load balancing. Here you can find a tutorial on installing Varnish: Installing and configuring Varnish HTTP accelerator. Munin is a network/system monitoring application that presents output in graphs through a web interface. If you haven’t installed it already, use this [...]


Installing and using the IPMI tool

The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is a standardized computer system interface used by system administrators to manage a computer system and monitor its operation. The development of this interface specification was led by Intel Corporation and is supported by more than two hundred computer systems vendors including [...]

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